Ming Tsai Food Allergy Reference Book

"At Blue Ginger, I developed a low-cost but highly effective way to keep diners safe since day one. We call it the Food Allergy Reference Book, but colloquially, we call it the bible.

When we opened Blue Dragon, we opened as 100% nut free to help continue my mission to allow diners to safely eat in the restaurant. 

We list every recipe we serve at Blue Dragon, from the dipping sauce for our potstickers to the soy-lime syrup garnishing our signature fish and chips. Every ingredient is noted and processed ingredients are cross-referenced. The major allergens in a dish are highlighted.

That way, when a diner with a specific allergy comes in we can confidently tell them whether or not they can eat that and be safe, and we can also modify the dish accordingly or select other menu options. The information is all at our fingertips." ~ Peace & Safe Eating, Ming

 A simple system of checks and balances, including highlighting meal tickets and notifying the manager on duty all work to ensure service that is comfortable, pleasurable and safe. Click the links below to see examples of how to create your own Allergy Bible. 


This system is the inspiration behind the fourth, voluntary aspect of the Food Allergy Law that passed in Massachusetts in 2009.